The idea for REAL ESTATE MONITORS and Referrals came from Neil Jenman.

Each year, thousands of property consumers contact The Neil Jenman Group. Many seek an agent accredited by Jenman (known as Jenman Approved).

In most areas, there are no Jenman Approved agents and so consumers must fend for themselves.

REAL ESTATE MONITORS now makes it possible for every homeseller in Australia to have direct access to a team of property supporters approved by Neil Jenman. So, while there may not be a Jenman Approved agency in all areas, there is always Jenman approved assistance and support.

If the sellers’ chosen agent is not satisfactory, a Jenman Approved team will be there to assist.

REAL ESTATE MONITORS and Referrals makes the real estate world safer for consumers.

The three main reasons for the establishment of REAL ESTATE MONITORS and Referrals.

  1. To meet the demand from real estate consumers for more safety, especially when selling.
  2. To meet the need for increased funding for the Homesellers and Homebuyers Protection Fund. (In 2006 and 2007, at least 50 per cent of the profits will go to the Protection Fund).
  3. To create a successful and profitable business. (To make a profit by making a difference).