Kirsty Webb, Ringwood VIC.

“We are so fortunate to have this service and not have to worry about the hassles that other people go through. Selling our family home is now a breeze.” PH – 0413 273833

Lea Donaldson, Fairfield East NSW.

“Having REAL ESTATE MONITORS by my side I feel safe & confident to sell my home that I’ve lived in for the past 30 years. I wouldn’t do it any other way. Thanks for looking after me.” PH – 0404 924049

Joe and Charles Abela, Parramatta NSW.

“We have all the confidence in the world knowing the experts in Real Estate are keeping a watchful eye over the selling process of our property. We couldn’t be more pleased.” PH – 0408 886026

Bianca Bene, Sandy Bay TAS.

“I now have a higher element of trust and confidence with the support and knowledge provided by REAL ESTATE MONITORS. All my concerns and questions have been answered. I really love the flexibility of it all.” PH – 0409 534909

Georgia Willis, Williamstown VIC.

“I think what you are doing is terrific and there should be more people out there like you.” PH – 0401 211892

Helen Adam, Parkside SA.

“A service that we need, to keep the industry honest.” PH – 0424 037534

John Nielsen, Banksia NSW.

“Rapt in the service, the support and care that is given 24 hours, around the clock.” PH – 0424 592580

David Upton, Teneriffe QLD.

“The service is outstanding. I couldn’t be happier.” PH – 0438 197597

Julie O’Connell, Pascoe Vale VIC.

“I feel so fortunate to have REAL ESTATE MONITORS. The support and guidance I receive is always in my best interest.” PH – 0412 654583

Barry Ryman, Kelso QLD.

“Don’t know what we would have done without REAL ESTATE MONITORS. This is surely the best thing that has ever happened to the real estate industry.” PH – 0437 817430

John Pannell, Morgan SA.

“We were on the market for 6 months. Then, I called REAL ESTATE MONITORS. Wow! The house is now sold and I can honestly say if it wasn’t for REAL ESTATE MONITORS, we’d probably be still on the market.” PH – 0437 327217

David Poole, Kelvin Grove QLD.

“Talk about efficient. I had the house sold in 48 hours. REAL ESTATE MONITORS, take a bow.” PH – 0408 073039

Nerissa Wood, Carina Heights QLD.

“I found the service, follow up and quality of information fantastic and they referred me to an agent who impressed me with his enthusiasm, knowledge of the industry and his integrity. I would not hesitate to refer REAL ESTATE MONITORS to my friends and family.” PH – 0431 535091

Damir Buljat, Truganina VIC.

“More people should be using this service. The agent they referred has been a delight to work with.” PH – 0402 748846

Greg Sparrius, Forrest Lake QLD.

“The agent you referred was fantastic. He was honest and genuine. He made the process quite painless.” PH – 0414 769018

Stephen Lambert, Hoppers Crossing VIC.

“Really appreciate the service. It was quick and efficient. My safety is guaranteed. I’m glad I called REAL ESTATE MONITORS before I called an agent.” PH – 0400 830515

Peter Power, Concord NSW.

“I wish I had known about this service before I wasted $5,000 on a campaign that led to nowhere. Thankfully, I got in touch with REAL ESTATE MONITORS and was rescued.” PH – 0407 940483

Rebecca Brear, South Penrith NSW.

“By choosing REAL ESTATE MONITORS, we were able to save money on the agents fee, WOW! The service and especially the advice they provided was outstanding.” PH – 0432 897326

Gavin Christian, Canberra ACT.

“If I didn’t read ‘Don’t Sign Anything!’, I wouldn’t be able to help my friends and family against unscrupulous agents.” PH – 0412 681473

Monica Wilson, Croydon VIC.

“We had the house sold in less than a week and it sold above the asking price. We really appreciate your help.” PH – 0418 331436

Murray Kirkwood, Mount Gambier SA.

“Really appreciate your advice and the information you provide is second to none. Keep up the good work.” PH – 0418 997699

Tamara Knowles, Prospect TAS.

“Really appreciate the service and the information provided. Very refreshing, keep up the good work.” PH – 0407 568008

John Field, Chittaway Bay NSW.

“When we cried out for help REAL ESTATE MONITORS was there to offer advice and support. More people should use this service.” PH – 0418 240442

Michelle Smith, Balga WA.

“Having never sold before, I was very cautious about choosing an agent. REAL ESTATE MONITORS took care of everything and within a month the agent sold my home for the full asking price. Fantastic!” PH – 0421 087622

Riki Poursonidis, Reservoir VIC.

“Knowing I had REAL ESTATE MONITORS to assist me made me feel secure. They answered all my questions and gave me advice when I wasn’t sure which path to take.” PH – 0409 600528

Diana Gattellari, Kensington NSW.

“Couldn’t ask for more in an agent!” June 2006

John and Ann Vandermark, Kawungah QLD.

“My wife and myself would like to thank you for the copy of ‘Don’t Sign Anything!’. It makes for interesting reading and it will be most helpful in our dealings with real estate agents.” PH – 0407 764179

Lyn and Theo Condy, Habana QLD.

“The material available is most informative. We recommend anyone looking at selling or buying read a copy of ‘Don’t Sign Anything!’. A real eye opener.” PH – 0439 870633

Ed Luszczynski, Cranebrook NSW.

“The information available through REAL ESTATE MONITORS is a must if you are selling, buying or investing in real estate.” PH – 0411 258290

Paul Weir, Malvern East VIC.

“Outstanding! The service we received from the recommended agent was exceptional. They sold my property within a week, well above my expectations.” PH – 0433 134049

Alix Simpson, Gympie QLD.

“You assisted me every step of the way allowing me to sell privately, which helped me to save the whole commission. I couldn’t have done it without your help.” PH – 0437 751273

Joy Allen, Shepparton VIC.

“This is a fantastic service. Knowing I can ask for advice and support really gives me a great deal of confidence.” PH – 0427 110850

Janette Perrett, Kingsgrove NSW.

“Had the home sold within two weeks and for more than I expected. Happy? You bet I am!” PH – 0416 189911

Kerri Gilchrist, Devonport TAS.

“After previously dealing with agents, I was left with headaches and nightmares. Now with REAL ESTATE MONITORS, no more headaches and I am sleeping like a baby.” PH – 0439 109956

Geoff Horan, St Kilda VIC.

“I was kept informed every step of the way. The agent was very professional.” PH – 0437 661739

Nicole Mcgregor, North Parramatta NSW.

“Thank you for being so helpful and interested.” PH – 0425 258915

Monica O’Brien, Montmorency VIC.

“The information and advice we received was priceless. I’ve told two people I know who are thinking of selling to contact you. If you want the best result, you should call REAL ESTATE MONITORS.” PH – 03 5561 1779

Christina Prucha, Richmond NSW.

“The information provided opened my mind. It gave me confidence knowing I was armed with this knowledge.” PH – 02 4578 8554

Dieter Engel, Modbury Heights SA.

“You supply a great service.” PH – 0417 635089

Graeme Douglas, West Brunswick VIC.

“Pleasing result. We are grateful we contacted you to look after our needs.” PH – 0417 342095

Judy Tanner, North Boondall QLD.

“I’m so grateful to be dealing with an agent who is honest and who has my best interest at heart.” PH – 07 3227 7649

Aaron Rae, Laverton VIC.

“‘Don??t Sign Anything!’ certainly reads like a page turning thriller. It??s hard to imagine a book about real estate can be so interesting. Recommended reading for anyone looking at buying, selling or has an interest in real estate.” PH – 03 9369 8417

Frank Stewart, Coffs Harbour NSW.

“It??s great to know that someone is exposing the truth about the real estate industry. The book ‘Don??t Sign Anything!’ is a common sense approach to selling, buying or investing.” PH – 0418 219979

Jack Kuzemko, Brighton VIC.

“I??m glad you??re making real estate safer for consumers.” PH – 0405 050239

Geoff Harris, Bundoora VIC.

“Very happy. We had the house sold within ten days.” PH – 0400 119116

Tony Pittorino, Double Bay NSW.

“I applaud what you do. Keep up the good work, you have my total support and my full admiration.” PH – 02 9362 3900

William Ma, Carlingford NSW.

“Nothing can compare with this service. You are doing an outstanding job.” PH – 0410 461747

Craig McGill, Curtin ACT.

“Be sure to contact REAL ESTATE MONITORS before you sell. The help and information is second to none.” PH – 0402 123123

Ninie Famtan, Werribee VIC.

“The agent was very resourceful, polite and pleasant, much different to your typical agent.” PH – 0414 869816

Faye Hadden, Elanora QLD.

“Anyone nervous about selling should insist REAL ESTATE MONITORS be involved. Having you look after the process removed all the stress and worry.” PH -0412 918700

Amanda Corbett, Herne Hills VIC.

“I’m pleased we got in touch with REAL ESTATE MONITORS. The agent recommended to us had our best interests at heart.” PH -03 5223 3594

Barbara Tyler, Croydon VIC.

“Your expertise, instant grasp of the issues and total recall have been so reassuring. I especially appreciate your constant support. Thanks so much for bringing my sale to a successful conclusion.” PH -0425 804391

Diana Trenerry, Salisbury Heights SA.

“Your guidance has helped immensely.” PH -0414 422565

Carol Evans, Beechworth VIC.

“REAL ESTATE MONITORS helped me sell privately and I sold for more than the agent quoted. Wonderful service.” October 2006 PH – 03 5728 1734

Greg York, Roseberry NSW.

“Very happy dealing with the agent recommended. Definitely not the norm..” October 2006 PH – 0411 755782

Mark Owen, Napier NZ.

“It was great to have a strong, coherent team totally focused on meeting the client’s needs.” October 2006 PH – +64 21 292 1772

Mel Sedgeman, Camira QLD

“We didn’t have to pay any money until our home was sold and we were happy. Brilliant service, highly recommended.” October 2006 PH – 0423 143366

Wendy Harper, Mt Barker SA.

“How do you choose the best agent? Simple. Do what I did, call REAL ESTATE MONITORS and they will make the selection process a breeze. From now on I will leave it up to you!” October 2006 PH – 0422 635366

Brett Clark, Thuringowa QLD.

“They say when you sell, it’s supposed to be one of the most stressful times in your life. For us it’s been stress free.” October 2006 PH – 0413 645699

Connie Halikakis, Carrs Park NSW.

“The advice and support from the people at REAL ESTATE MONITORS was fantastic. Your care and genuine concern made the selling process a whole lot easier.” October 2006 PH – 0417 251966

Julie Mills, Aspendale VIC.

“The agent was understanding and catered to our needs. The price we achieved was above expectation.” October 2006 PH – 0425 768757

David and Marie-Jo Ferris, Sunbury VIC.

“Extremely helpful and user-friendly advice.” October 2006 PH – 0417 052905

Kathy Cosham, Chadstone VIC.

“I was with an agent who tried to overcharge me on advertising. I fell for all the tricks and traps. You stepped in and rescued me by saving me thousands of dollars. I will be forever grateful.” October 2006 PH – 0425 793110

Monique Te Huna-Petersen, Gosford NSW.

“Before you choose an agent, call REAL ESTATE MONITORS. They’ll make sure you get the best agent in your area.” October 2006 PH – 0411 144962

D Townsend-Booth, Fawkner VIC.

“The agent recommended performed well and efficiently sold our home.” November 2006 PH – 03 9337 6777

Terry Dunn, Camperdown NSW.

“I am very grateful to REAL ESTATE MONITORS and the agent involved.” November 2006 PH – 02 9628 6734

Jackie Mortimer, Fairlight NSW.

“I feel very confident with the way the agent keeps me informed of everything that is going on.” November 2006 PH – 0400 156255

Tracey Pace, Hillside VIC.

“Encouraging to know there is a group of people out there trying to do what??s best for the consumer!” November 2006 PH – 0438 091995

Rod O’Keeffee, Indooroopilly QLD.

“Fantastic service! We achieved the price we wanted with no marketing costs.” November 2006 PH – 07 3266 0602

Gaye Napier, Nambour QLD.

“We were very happy with the agent recommended.” November 2006

Dragon Tucic, Narrabunda ACT.

“Outstanding!” November 2006

Alan Fisher, Mount Gambier SA.

“‘Don’t Sign Anything!’. The best move I’ve made before investing in real estate.” November 2006 PH – 0422 433731

James Wiggins, Cambridge NSW.

“Great service. Keep up the good work.” November 2006 PH – 02 4730 1433

Miriam Oetiker, Windsor NSW.

“I appreciated your advice and guidance when I sold my house privately.” November 2006 PH – 0421 331160

Matthew Kilby, Frenchs Forest NSW.

“Thank you very much. You saved me $20,000. I am truly grateful.” November 2006 PH – 0407 105060

Constance Haseldine, Dianella WA.

“Very satisfied with the service.” December 2006 PH – 08 9276 1630

Janet Elliott, Marsfield NSW.

“The agent recommended adopted the principles mentioned in ‘Don’t Sign Anything!’. The whole experience was a pleasurable one.” December 2006 PH – 0411 726333

Brett Neve, Thuringowa QLD.

“They say that when you sell your home that it’s one of the most stressful times in your life; well for us it has been stress free.” December 2006 PH – 0408 589 956

Lucy Keenan, Sunshine West VIC.

“Your service provides refugee for people who are experiencing difficulties with real estate agents.” December 2006 PH – 0408 800789

David Bird, Adelaide SA.

“Crucial information that everyone should know before they buy or sell.” December 2006 PH – 0404 876702

David Giles, Swanborne WA.

“Any time I have had a question or needed advice, REAL ESTATE MONITORS have only been too happy to give of their time. A refreshing approach.” December 2006 PH – 08 9286 0555

Janene Mannerheim, Newport VIC.

“Very, very happy with service and how the whole selling process went.” December 2006 PH – 0412 412752

Frank Mahony, Seaton SA.

“Appreciate the advice.” December 2006 PH – 0408 731825

Philippa Hall, St Kilda VIC.

“The agent was very professional and made the process of selling easy.” December 2006 PH – 0418 334470

Jan Lehman, Currimundi QLD.

“Being an investment property the agent worked in well with the tenant and sold the property with minimum of fuss.” December 2006 PH – 0438 755472

Jari Hyvarien, Harbord NSW.

“The level of communication was outstanding. The agent was very active in finding a buyer for our unit and getting it sold.” December 2006 PH – 0438 659394

Christina Shutie, Mulgrave VIC.

“You’re doing a wonderful job cleaning up an industry that affects so many people??s lives.” December 2006 PH – 0410 502243

Graeme Bourke, Hervey Bay QLD.

“Great having your service. Thanks for all your help.” December 2006 PH – 0427 598774

Werner Rohloff, Bayview NSW.

“The agent was excellent. The lines of communication were always open.” December 2006 PH – 0418 204127

Peter Goodfellow, Seven Hills NSW.

“A painless exercise. We had the house sold in a week!” December 2006 PH – 0428 8628563

Richard & Miki Murnane, Dee Why NSW.

“The whole process went very quickly and smoothly. We couldn’t have wished for better.” December 2006 PH – 0413 000842

Mac McArthur, Gympie QLD.

“I’m very grateful to REAL ESTATE MONITORS. Having them involved helped the sale along.” December 2006 PH – 0438 626780

Nigel Kirkwood, Dunsborough WA.

“What a great service. REAL ESTATE MONITORS was happy to help without thought of reward.” January 2007 PH – 0432 801339

Peter White, Shelley WA.

“The advice and guidance you’ll receive is second to none.” January 2007 PH – 0427 003774

Steve Parfitt, Salisbury Downs SA.

“The best thing to happen to real estate in this country. I wouldn’t sell any other way.” January 2007 PH – 0434 445065

Frank Halbauer, Red Bank Plans QLD.

“Excellent service. Sold the property in a day for a price I was happy with.” January 2007 PH – 0409 035683

Lisa Parsons, Lawson NSW.

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It has given me more confidence.” January 2007 PH – 0410 419505

Glenn Hewitt, Cranebrook NSW.

“It is handy to be able to call and ask for advice.” January 2007 PH – 02 4730 2914

Malcolm Atkins, Healesville VIC.

“Positive attitude from the agent from the word go. Achieved a great price when other agents were pessimistic.” January 2007 PH – 0407 506575

Mal Boden, Woodenbong NSW.

“I would only sell using an agent that REAL ESTATE MONITORS recommends.” January 2007 PH – 02 6635 1556