Seven rules for buying at auction

If you don’t know the tricks used at auctions, you are certain to get hurt. Most auction agents have no regard for your feelings. They want a sale and they don’t care who they hurt. If you are inexperienced at home buying, you should avoid auctions altogether. The financial loss of a few hundred dollars […]

Beware the selling machines

Sucking-in thousands of naive investors. Over the past decade – and the new century in particular – an entire industry has sprung up with the sole purpose of convincing wanna-be property investors that certain companies, clubs or groups can show us all how to get-rich in property. Many (no, make that ‘most’) of these outfits […]

Don’t pay anything!

How sellers can save thousands of dollars. It’s probably real estate’s biggest con. And it’s affecting thousands of property sellers every month. It’s the advertising stitch-up and here’s how it works. You decide to sell your property and you call the agent. The agent tells you that you’ve got a fine home and it’s likely […]

The hard work trap

Thousands of sellers wasting millions of dollars Here’s a question for home-sellers. What is the most important factor in the sale of your home? Is it the quality of the agent, the method of sale (auction or private treaty), the amount of advertising, the advertising medium, the number of buyer inspections, the communication from the […]

The humble agent

So, property prices are rising are they? And everything’s looking terrific. And all you have to do to make your fortune (okay, well, a modest profit) is to just buy a piece of real estate and wait. Right? Wrong. Look, I understand that lots of people are interested in buying real estate. And, yes, I […]