Neil Jenman

Consumer Advocate & Author

In 1984, Neil opened a real estate office in the Sydney suburb of Auburn. The office was such a resounding success that, in 1993, he decided to concentrate full-time on presenting sales and management courses for the real estate industry. Read more about Neil

Reiden Jenman


For several years, Reiden has worked alongside her husband, Neil Jenman, in helping distressed consumers. Unfortunately, the plight of many families often distresses her.

Among her many cases, was the infamous ‘Gonzales murder house’. An agent sold the home without disclosing its gruesome history. Reiden comforted the distraught buyers and worked tirelessly to get their money returned.

She also helped apartment buyers caught by unscrupulous developers, single-mothers stung by investment spruikers and, recently, many low-income families caught in wrap-loans. Reiden prevented a family from being evicted just days before Christmas 2005.

“I would rather save people from getting caught BEFORE they buy or sell,” says Reiden.

And that’s one of the major purposes of REAL ESTATE MONITORS – “prevention instead of cure”.

“It costs most people nothing extra to use REAL ESTATE MONITORS,” said Reiden.

Reiden can be contacted by email